Island Bet General Help

Island Bet Customers have permanent support through our call center and by emailing us with any issues or help that you may need. Log in to your account and you will have all the information you will need to provide us inorder to help you. It is recommended to all users of the site to read carefully the regulations and general provisions of Island Bet located at the bottom of this page.

The Company
Island Bet dedicates its activity to capture all bets and other authorized events through our online and mobile site, products belonging to the company Island Sizzling Tech Ja. LTD, located in Jamaica. We have a license for Bookmaking and online Interactive Games, Granted by the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission of Jamaica. Under this license, the company offers Sports Betting and Interactive Games and bets developed based on the results of sporting, cultural and random events.

User Protection

Instructions for protecting your login information
• Never share an account with a public computer.
• Never mention your password to anyone, even to people who claim to be from the service to the user or from security department.
• Always make sure you log out before leaving your computer or mobile device.
• Modify your password if you feel that the security of your account may be at risk.
• Select random passwords that you can easily remember that in clude a capital letter eg. (B) a Number eg. (1) and an asterisk eg. (*).
• Always update your anti-virus software.
• Periodically change your password, we recommend every 90 days.
• Always update your operating system, your internet browser and the plugins of your browser.

Your Account Security May Be In Danger If:
• There are changes to your account data that you have not made, such as changing the email address or phone which you use.
• There are account movements you have not taken out, such as receipts, payments or bets made.
• If you receive a notification about modified password that you have not requested.

If you notice any of these details, please modify your password and contact our call center immediately

Data Protection
The intention of Island Bet as operator of the web page of is to reinforce your confidence in data protection, which will inform you about the measures taken in this regard. In principle, you can browse the page in a free way and without having to make your data known. Only from the moment you want to use our product offer, you will need to register and with this release some personal information. There are numerous security measures in place to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing your data.
All data provided will be registered exclusively by the company.
In accordance with the measures of protection of personal data, unless you expressly authorize it, your data may not be sold or rented to third parties. In the case of suspicion, personal data can be exchanged with your payment provider. In order to assist in the prevention of fraud and in the manipulation of games or bets, we reserve the right to communicate the suspects stored data. The company fully complies with the current legislation of the BGLC as far as data collection and personal information is concerned.
We recommend that you do not disclose your personal information in chats or forums to avoid being distributed by third parties. In this way we provide peace of mind to all our customers.