How To Withdraw Winnings at Island Bet

Thinking of what to do next? You can either withdraw your funds or continue to bet on the most popular online games of Jamaica. Slot games, sports bets, and many more. The choice is yours!

Please note: Prior to withdrawing funds customer accounts must be KYC approved. You can do so by uploading an image of an up to date ID (Drivers License / National ID / Passport)

Withdrawals can only be executed once a customer has placed bets in the amount of 100% of the amount deposited. All withdrawals requested under that limit will be blocked.

Withdrawal at Paymaster

  1. Log in to your account using your username and password.

  2. Select the dropdown next to your profile and click on withdrawals

  3. Under withdrawals enter the amount you would like to withdraw and select APCOPAYMASTER

    Please note that there is a maximum withdrawal of $50,000 per transaction per day at paymaster for withdrawals.
  1. Select Withdrawal and confirm

  2. After executing you will need to access the transaction ID

  3. Select Financial under your profile

  4. Select the dates at which transaction was done

  5. Select SHOW / HIDE Columns and Select ID

  6. You will be able to see your withdrawal request and the ID number and amount
  7. Once you have the transaction ID number and amount, head to any paymaster and provide these details and they will execute and provide you the Cash requested.