World Cup

During the World Cup you will find different possibilities that will give more excitement to the championship.

Crazy Bets: Fun plays with boosted odds!
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Free Bet – Parlay insurance:
If one team loses in your 5 or more-team parlay, you´ll get a free bet.
If you lose in one of your parlay selections of 5 events and higher, instead of losing your money we will give you a free bet.
The free bet is of the same amount as your initial bet and can be placed on combinations of the same characteristics.
Only applicable during the team phase of the World Cup.

Wild Parlay: Play 5 or more parlays and get an extra percentage of your winnings.
The bonus prize will be credited automatically after the winning bet.
Prize scale:
Parley 5 5%
Parley 6 10%
Parley 7 15%
Parley 8 20%
Parley 9 30%
Parley 10 50%
Parley 11 60%
Parley 12 70%
Parley 13 80%
Parley 14 90%
Parley 15 100%
The prize is not cumulative with Accumulator Bonuses:

Free money:
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During the World Cup we will give away bonuses and free money.
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