Merry Million

Everyone Wins

Main Draw
$1,000,000 JMD

December 27th, 2021
5 selected winners
Each winning $100,000

Shared between All remaining entries. (Number of entries to be declared on day of draw)

Weekly Draw
$100,000 JMD

Each Week 5 entries will be selected
Each winning $20,000

Dates of draw:
November 22, 2021
November 29, 2021
December 6, 2021
December 13, 2021
December 20th, 2021


  1. Applicant must be 18 years of age.

  2. Applicant Must be a registered Island Bet Customer and Must follow us on Instagram @islandbet.

  3. Starting November 1st to December 25th, 2021, Customers who deposit $5,000 or more during the specified dates will be guaranteed entry into the weekly and main draw.

  4. For each multiple of Minimum $5,000 or more deposited, customers will earn equivalent in entries Eg. $10,000 deposited equals 2 entries, $100,000 deposited equals 20 entries etc. (multiple deposits adding up to $5,000 do not qualify).

  5. Winners will be selected by putting all entries on to an entry slip, which will be placed into a wheel to be spun for randomizing. We will pull each name from the wheel in order to select who are the winners on the given date.

  6. All Draws will be shown on Instagram live at 11AM on the dates stated, and winners once contacted will be credited to their Island Bet accounts the amounts won.

  7. For each week, November 22 2021, November 29th 2021, December 6 2021, December 13 2021, and December 20 2021 $100,000 will be divided between 5 selected winners, winning $20,000 each.

  8. For each weekly draw, all deposits up to the day before will be taken into consideration for that particular draw. For example the November 22nd draw- all deposits from November 1st to November 21st will participate in that draw. For the November 29th drawm, all deposits from November 1st to November 28th will participate.

  9. The final draw is on the 27th of December, 2021 but entries gained from deposits will end on the 25th of December, 2021.

  10. On the 27th of December 2021 the Merry Million $500,000 will be divided between 5 selected winners winning $100,000 each.

  11. Another $500,000 will be divided between all other entries. ( eg. 500 total Entries equals $1,000 per entry. If a customer has multiple entries, they will win per entry, eg. a customer 10 out of 500 entries he or she would win $10,000) More entries mean more winnings.

  12. Before the final draw we will declare total number of entries to be divided between.

  13. For each Draw 5 winners will be selected, along with 5 back up winners. We will make attempts to contact the winners by phone using the phone number registered to the accounts that have won. After 24 hours if contact is not made, we will proceed to contact the 5 back up winners starting with the 6th drawn account to the 10th. If contact is not made with the 5 winners or the previous back up winners, the entry of the weekly winners will be placed back into the draw for upcoming draws as you can win multiple prizes as well the main draw.

  14. The Cash Prize will be credited to your Island Bet accounts as real credit. If user does not agree to this, we will provide the winning ticket to the next back up winning ticket in line being numerically 6-10.

  15. By Entering and Participating in this promotion, you the customer will be accepting that you agree to the terms and conditions of the promotion.

  16. Winners must also agree to Island Bet posting his or her user name on Instagram or any social media source as a winner of the prize.

Draw Type Draw Date Participating Period Number of Winners Selected Prizes Number of Backup Winners
Weekly Draw 1 November 22, 2021 November 1, 2021- November 21, 2021 5 $20,000 JMD 5
Weekly Draw 2 November 29, 2021 November 1, 2021- November 28, 2021 5 $20,000 JMD 5
Weekly Draw 3 December 6, 2021 November 1, 2021- December 5, 2021 5 $20,000 JMD 5
Weekly Draw 4 December 13, 2021 November 1, 2021- December 12, 2021 5 $20,000 JMD 5
Weekly Draw 5 December 20, 2021 November 1, 2021- December 19, 2021 5 $20,000 JMD 5
Main Draw December 27, 2021 November 1, 2021- December 25, 2021 5 $100,000 JMD 5
Main Draw 2 December 27, 2021 November 1, 2021- December 25, 2021 All applicants remaining $500,000 between all remaining applicants Example: (500,000/1,000 applicants = $500 per applicant)

Conditions Apply

Authorized under section 58(3) of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act.